Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Should there still be anybody out there that is actualy looking at this blog!?

Than I have some good news:
There's a website design approved!
And we have a logo!!!

I'm building it as we speak.

Soon there wil be more........................

Roy Emmen


  1. This is the first ghost-writer scene in the historie of the world..
    Well at least of the world Lyra.
    Maybe it is connected but not by wire surely not by microsoft. Altough there are alot of links via Mundi through the Vatican so maybe Bill Gates has his foundings there.
    But anyway, tomorow there will be a sound check for the opening tune and if the wind is nasty enough it will be aproved, i'll guess.
    The illustrations from our first but not last big-short story are in progress and offcourse the words of welcom by our writer de luxe Ruben.
    To all whom read,
    regards Eric Kenter