Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hall of pillars (swamp) speedpainting



  1. Awesome work there dude; didn't know you were working on this piece, completely new to me. Atmosphere is nice and brooding. Needs a bit more dead/rotting organic material on/near the water level, but then again; you said this has been speedpainted, so detail might still follow. All kinds of creepy crawlers and eerie stories will rise from this one for sure... >;-D

  2. And again some atmosphere added to our beloved Lyra.
    I do hope you will work this one out with good rendering because both you and the painting deserve it. It has all the depth qualities and object arangments it needs for a good perspective scenery.
    I really like the lonesome figure underneath it gives measure to the awesome rocks.
    And in the background.... i wanne walk to the that and see what it is?
    Good job Roy (Minion Magnificus).
    See ya,
    I will deposite a lot of sketches i've done lately.
    Greets kenter